How does the experiment count work? And what if I exceed the number of experiments on my subscription plan?

An experiment is considered a group of files that are uploaded to Mass Dynamics at one time. It does not take into account the size of the experiment (ie how many conditions, files, or replicates you have).

Depending on which paid subscription plan you're on, you will have a set number of experiments to upload and analyze per year.

For example if you are on an annual plan that includes 10 experiments, you are provisioned to run and analyze 10 experiments each year. After Year 3 of your subscription plan, you will likely have 30 experiments stored on Mass Dynamics.

If you go over your annual provision of experiment, no problems! You can do 1 of 2 things:

1. Purchase more experiments for your subscription plan. The add on packages will be announced soon. Book a session to find out more today

2. Upgrade your subscription to move up to the next plan. (ie move from MD+ Starter to MD+ Org). You can check out more details on our pricing plans on our website.

Note: Deleting experiments does not enable you to run more than the annual experiment provision that is set for your subscription plan.

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